Top 10 Learning, Language & Reference Sites & Retailers for June 2017
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Top-Ranked Learning, Language & Reference Retailers & Offers
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Franklin Electronic Publishers is an online store that offers an amazing selection of electronic dictionaries, electronic bibles, word games, translators, accessories, and much more. Franklin Electronic Publishers have multiple shopping categories: Dictionaries For Children For Educa... read more >
Grammarly provides writers of all sorts with a grammar and spell check of their written items.  The program reviews each article for over 150 common grammatical errors.  The user can select which type of article he or she is working to complete.  Choices include: academic essay re... read more >
Rosetta stone provides the necessary tools for you to explore a new language. With Rosetta stone you learn the language effectively and very quickly as they help you build a fundamental foundation and vocabulary in the new language. Visit and have the confidence of speaking in ... read more > offers best-practice language learning software and online courses. The software is designed for a range of consumer groups, from individuals to government agencies, businesses and schools. Products are designed to provide language as well as cultural knowledge to users. There are o... read more >
Babylon is a leading global internet company and a prominent provider of language and search solutions. The Company operates in 200 countries and is available in 77 languages with the aim of bridging the language gap between online users worldwide. The Company's solutions include: online dictionary ... read more >
Writing Dynamo is an online proofreading program that is perfect for just about everyone. Writing Dynamo is a great program to help fine tune and polish writing, and is great for students, writers, teachers and those learning English.  Writing Dynamo offers: Unlimited expert-... read more >
Livemocha is an online language learning website devoted to remove barriers to effective communication and cultural exchange. It fuses traditional learning methods with online practice and interaction with native language speakers from around the world. The Livemocha community is made up of language... read more >
Easynews operates an online, computerized interactive information, communication and transaction system (the "system") which provides access to Usenet and the internet. For over 15 years in the industry, the company is trusted in delivering its clientele a browser based newsgroup access from anywher... read more >
If you are looking for your Usenet Connection for news hosting, can be a convenient choice for you. Offering a number of packages, Newshosting support unlimited band width. All the plans include Usenet Browser, 100,000 text discussion groups, 1615 days retention as well as unlimi... read more >
Having their server in USA, offers a wide range of newsgroup services. From 1995 it has been constantly managing its servers, software, content feeds as well as serving its client with uninterrupted high-speed internet connection to news servers with high retention rates in the sector. O... read more >
Since 1917, World Book Inc. has provided encyclopedia and other reference materials for home, schools, and libraries on a variety of subjects including science, geography, animals, and more.  When you shop at the World Book Store, you will find the following: Encyclopedia Desk Reference On... read more >
AnswerBase is a company that provides services to the client who wants to have an enterprise grade social Q&A websites big or small. The website service they are offering is a type of web platform that is definitely easy to setup and manage. For two (2) minutes or so the Q&A site can be crea... read more >
Being one of the leading Usenet access providers, UseNeXT is delighted in offering service for over eight (8) years as of the moment. UseNet is the world’s biggest discussion board which contains more than 6,000 terabytes of data and 5000 gigabytes are added daily. UseNext offers the exclusive... read more > is the website of Searchtech Limited which operates online, computerized interactive information, communication and transaction system which provides access to Usenet and the internet. The company offers several plans with 1612 days retention, 99% completion, 20 connections, and SSL ena... read more >
If one wants to be able to communicate with millions of people around the world with the help of usenet service having over 100,000 discussion groups, can be a very good choice for his or her. The service is provided also by a very competitive price plans and packages. All the... read more >
NewsDemon is a premium USENET (newsgroup) service. They provide high speed connections to all newsgroup servers with the highest completion rate, as well as retention rates. The company offers around 107,000+ groups. They also have the ability to offer more groups so it's possible to let them know i... read more >
Usenet is one of the oldest computer communication system widely used to transfer data. on the other hand is one of the leading UseNet access providers. It is the only provider that will give instant access to all 6 server farms of the biggest Usenet providers. It also offers a high leve... read more > is an online website which offers language programs in a variety of configuration designed to suit the needs of its clients. The website is offering the Pimsleur method which is the foundation of every course built. It is a scientifically proven set of principles designed to the heart o... read more >
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Duolingo is a good choice who want totally free options for learning a language. Pimsleur will work for people who want to mostly just listen to lessons while driving or doing something else. Verbling is for those who want to try a live video teacher out first at a cheaper rate. The iTalki service w...
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Taking a language learning course has many advantages. Learning a new language can advance your career, help you travel abroad, or just to have fun to learn something new. These five language learning services will teach you a new language, and allow you to do so at your own pace. DuoLingo is free a...
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Duolingo is a completely free site powered by its users that utilize a social networking type platform. This allows you to play various games and compete with friends. Rosetta Stone costs 500 dollars and allows you to pay in monthly increments of $100. Rosetta Stone teaches you through a variety ...
Published by Judy Gaddis 47 months ago in | +1 votes | 0 comments
Whether you want to polish your thesis or article, you can always make use of the web’s best grammar checkers. As a matter of fact, a lot of these tools can be used for free. Speaking of which, this article will teach you how to use Grammarly to check your paper for grammar and spelling error...
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